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I would only add that (1) for people who speak English (or whatever the local language is) as a second language, masks can completely prevent communication, because it's hard enough to understand without having the person you are talking to muzzled; and (2) for those of us who have experienced sexual assault, the experience of having a hand-sized mask forced onto our faces can provide an extra level of trauma, as it can bring back terrible memories.

I have the misfortune of living in France, a culture completely without empathy. There is no way in hell I would ever tell anybody in my real life why I am having so many panic attacks at the grocery store. I pretty much don't go anywhere in public anymore (the grocery store is only for things I run out of between "big shops" at the Internet-based grocery store where I drive in and they just put my things in the car), and I have grown to hate my country.

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Did I miss it? The most important aspect of masking IMO is class segregation: that's why slaves were masked.

In all resorts and high end restaurants and events (Hollywood comes to mind) the serving class is masked while customers aren't . It's immediately obvious. Your status as superior or inferior is stated. Degrading of the underlings is done to elevate the masters.

That's the whole point of military grades on display or uniforms as well.

That's the nature and pricing power of brands too.

To belong..to the master class.

Or rather...to humiliate physically and mentally the serving class.

Another purpose is to be found in hypnosis induction: when done properly it is incremental and illogical. You wear it when told. Even better when not needed. Even better when the command is specific (make sure your nose is covered). The inductee then is on a slippery slope of docility and trance induction. To deeper levels of compliance. Until total mental control.

Until she herself becomes the enforcer of the crazy rules. It works beautifully. Sadly.

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Thank you. I always push back when people say it's no big deal. I point out that they can't have it both ways. If it's no big deal, then it's no big deal if not everyone does it. If it is a big deal, than acknowledge it and allow it doesn't feel the same to everyone.

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Masks are the physical manifestation of a lie, and wearing one is participating in that lie. It is straight out of the Communist playbook for eliminating personal integrity and replacing it with subservience to the state.

Like Mark in these comments, I have never worn one, and never will.

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Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you so much for writing this article. It really helped me find my voice, with confidence. I have been speaking against these masks since day one, but with knees shaking and voice unsteady. This article helped me speak with confidence. I have already used this article with several people to help me articulate my thoughts.

I also think having to look and interact with people who refuse to show their face is not just disrespectful, but also puts them in a less vulnerable position since they don't have to show their expressions and my face is bare. I feel very vulnerable and naked in front of them, as if they can see into my soul. It feels very abusive to be forced into this position. Furthermore, in sacred places such as church, the profanity of the mask desecrates the sacredness of the service. In places where truth, goodness and beauty should reign, it is instead morphed into a grotesque cult worship that we must simply accept as the new normal of worship.

Is any way you can write a list of all the harms of masks? I would love to put a sheet of paper down next to all the boxes of masks I see listing benefit vs risks (physical, mental and psychological) of using the product. This is totally lacking.

Thank you again for the clarity you bring, and for your courage.

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Having invested time and money into scrutinising the masks, a number of positively harmful effects can be seen.

Rebreathing CO2 at levels far in excess of health and safety thresholds. Leads to reduced pH and anoxic blood plasma.

Inhalation of microfibres that disassociate from the mask fibres leading to respiratory disease.

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Excellent articulation. The vax mandates are even worse. I have found it hard not to notice that those politicians most enthusiastic about both vax and mask mandates tend to also be the most sexually libertine and sometimes have sexual abuse allegations against them, like Biden and Trudeau. "I won't physically hold you down or hold a gun to your head, but if you don't take the prick, I will hurt you. I will make sure you never work of travel and lose everything."

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There's another big problem:

Masks - especially tight ones - change breathing patterns. They increase respiratory dead space, and thereby increase tidal volume. With a mask, a person takes longer, deeper breaths to get air around the mask.

The change in breathing patterns might explain why some people who wear them all day for jobs or school get headaches or anxiety.

Note that this would also seem counterproductive for virus control. Would we want to take deeper breathes if an airborne respiratory virus is more virulent the deeper it gets?

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I have come to the point where I could care less if adults chose to harm themselves by voluntarily masking. I refuse and was fired from my job as I collapsed several times on the job from the mask. The children on the other hand.......this has been flat out abuse of the children. Anyone masking a child prior to the plandemic would have been charged and jailed. There has been a 15 point drop in IQ in children ages 1-5 and a 400% increase in child suicide and death. Yes people should be charged with child abuse for masking children.

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Thank you SO much for this excellent piece...very much appreciated. You managed to articulate the reasons beautifully, succinctly, thouroughly and clearly. 🙏🙏🙏 Subscribed!

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All those are true and include ones that I had difficulty to put into words. Thank you for this list. I find your statements on how masks do not affect every one the same way especially important.

In addition to all you post here, and forgive me, as I have yet to read in detail, if these points are made. I feel that if they are, they still should get a head line. Masks just are not healthy to wear all day every day. That is not to say that they do not have their uses, but wearing them against something they can not remove from the air is not only just meaningless, wearing them as we are being forced to makes us breath through a bacterial and fungal incubator. Gone is the risk vs benefit analysis. Safety equipment is not safe or healthy to wear all day, every day. It is used only when engaging in activities that require it. Masks are no different.

Again thanks.

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Thank you so much for writing this. All of these have been an issue for me since masks were mandated. Very few acknowledge the harms of masking, which is another part of the problem.

Another point I'd like to add is how the mask mandates are psychological conditioning for the next draconian measure. We could've been outta this nightmare if more people didn't say "it's just two weeks" or "it's just a mask" and instead "fuck off" and kept it moving. These worthless breathing obstructions are meant to humiliate and demean us, so I try not to let it, but it's still fucked up being forced to wear a constant reminder on our faces.

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I think I would like to republish this on Brownstone.org. Can you reach out to me ? tucker@brownstone.org

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Thank you Ashmedai. I nodded in agreement to each point, but when I got to one of them, I teared up. I feel less than human not being able to just manage through it all. I am not the same person I was two years ago. I fear going outside. I cry after I leave grocery stores. I used to be an amazing woman. Strong, confident, eager for life and what lay ahead. I raised a USMC fighter pilot daughter - that means something! I am a fraction of the woman I used to be. I no longer care about tomorrow.

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everything you said is 100%, yet those in the government don't have to wear it 8 hours a day, hair salon, restaurants, office workers, cashiers, and you forgot the Plexi Glass! It is beyond frustrating to communicate with cashiers! when this big Plexi glass is right in front of your face!

Yesterday we had take away from McDonald's, I was in shock to see that the window of the take away is actually SEALED! their is a Plexi Glass at the window so, the cashier doesn't physically give you the debt machine, she slides it out under a little open part of this plexi glass!! THIS is beyond delusional!

AT THE kicker is the young adults that ACTUALLY comply!!

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