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I was a resident delegate to the AMA back in the day. It wasn't like this then, at least not much. There were still enough folks who were in private practice, who understood the world and economics in normal fashion. I don't know why this resolution sticks in my head, but it was one to support the nutrition labeling of packaged food items. Some people thought it was "going too far," lol. I was impressed at how closely the process models state legislatures or Congress, though with only one house, not two. I dropped my membership long ago, when the newly-installed President announced that being anti-gun was his signature issue. Even back when I was a delegate, over 30 years ago, their biggest internal issue was that practicing physicians didn't see any value in membership and so their membership was declining. Even then, they represented a minority of practicing physicians, and it must be a small minority now. They're simply riding on the fumes of the reputation laid down by better physicians, long ago.

The one meeting of the American Public Health Association that I attended, about 13-14 years ago, showed me that it functioned as an arm of the Democrat Party, when the Executive Director remarked at a plenary session that they had done great work helping elect Barack Obama as President, and they gave themselves a prolonged standing ovation.

I was a small group leader for a bioethics class in a conservative medical school, so I was stunned when the reaction of the students was positive to the film showing Dutch people being euthanized. One person, whose condition wasn't terminal and who may have had some depression but who could feed himself and manage most of his activities of daily living, just said he wanted to die, and so they killed him. At our post-class discussion, one student remarked about that film, "That was beautiful." Both the film and that comment literally nauseated me. The students were also pro-abortion, unable to distinguish between 'my body' and the baby's body, as proved by the baby's separate DNA.

At the first autopsy that members of my own medical school class observed, the subject, a woman in her 90s, was demonstrated to have severe coronary artery disease and breast cancer, but was understood to have died at home, with those conditions undiagnosed. One student asked the pathologist, "How could she have lived so long, if she had those diseases?" The pathologist, with his unique view of the field of medicine, replied, "Probably because she didn't go to any doctors." I'm just about there with him (and The Green Hornet) now, after the current condition of our 'health' systems were revealed during COVID. I doubt I'll ever get another vaccination (I read ''Dissolving Illusions' and had been a PI, so I knew how many of the laws/regulations Fauci's crew had skipped with the COVID ones), and I'm highly skeptical of any drug that is newer than a couple or three decades. After having been literally taught that taking vitamins only results in expensive urine, I'm taking the ones that are part of the FLCCC and similar protocols (and I read 'Ascorbate' by Hickey and Roberts). I realized the protocols contain nothing specific to COVID, so they are also my go-to if I get the flu.

Are you confident that the iceberg paper isn't one of those spoofs, submitted to make fun of the journal editor and the reviewers? 'Publish or perish' has really made finding decent scientific work nearly impossible. The COVID episode has made clear that many are willing to produce unethical work and even more are willing to blindly accept it as valid. Is critical review of published articles no longer taught in Journal Club? We used to laugh and laugh, and most were in prominent journals.

A young friend who has just graduated with his R.N. asked me some questions after the recent Supreme Court opinion on abortion that reversed Roe v. Wade, because his colleagues were claiming that it would now be illegal to evacuate the uterus of a woman with fetal demise or to save the life of a woman with an ectopic pregnancy. Such nonsense, but when I read what you have written above, I wonder how whacked out the medical schools have become; might there be people who would do that just to make a point? I hope I can find a rational physician (or something, along the lines of The Green Hornet's suggestion) once my own retires (he's a bit older than I). It makes the thought of being taken to the hospital in an urgent or emergent situation almost frightening.

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Superb and absolutely spot on. As a retired MD who is absolutely disgusted by the medical establishment, there is no finer example of herd mentality, group think, self-aggrandizement, patient condescension, and self-deification than today's medical class. My advice? Study herbals and natural therapies and avoid the allopathic assassins at all costs.

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excellent article

IMO the military went fully woke over 10 years go. Like a fish it rotted from the head down.

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Nothing is new under the sun:

Stunning Parallels Between COVID Measures and Nazi Germany

"The weaponization of the Public Health System of Nazi Germany was a prelude to the future use of contagion scares. This all serves to further the Global Genocide of the world's "useless eaters".


Following the Footsteps of the Third Reich: Canada Announces Medicalized Murder of the Mentally Ill

History Repeating: the use of weaponized psychiatry in the recent past


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Incredibly superb. Thank you for creating this. You have ripped up the roots of the medical terrorist crime syndicate.

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I retired from higher education in 2019 after 35 years of struggling against the misappropriation and forced mutation of every consequential theory and construct across the wide spectrum of academic and scientific disciplines by a relentless, multigenerational onslaught against actual science and sound, innovative teaching.

My own medical team would have killed me had I listened to their recommendations re: the injections given my serious autoimmune disorder. And they wouldn't have cared, just like my woke "betters" in academe barely noticed when I had to medically retire.

But I'm better off being a mere footnote in these arenas where little of substance is actually offered to humanity anymore.

Excellent review; better scholarship than 99.9999% of what you'll see in the Springer, Elsevier and other publisher-run journals!

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Do you have a high res source of the influenza newspaper clippings at the top of the essay? It's priceless!

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Can't believe you aren't getting more traction with this. Symptomatic and proves your point to a sickening degree. Thank you for your diligence.

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Fascinating! I've only begun to read so I will complete and comment later.

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I love this brilliant article! Thank you!

I shared the multi-part version of it here: https://heroesvsvillains.substack.com/p/the-political-weaponization-of-medicine

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