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Thank you for this! I know how insidious this emotional/mental/physical abuse is of children, and I am SO ASHAMED of America that we did, and still are, doing this to our CHILDREN.

Please, please let's email and physically mail this to school administrations EVERYWHERE!

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Please keep writing!!

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Thank you again for writing another article!! The line . "A child forced to suffer will internalize among other wonderful life lessons that suffering isn’t such a terrible thing. " I would say learning to suffer is actually a good life lesson and very much a part of life; but suffering for a lie is not good. Forcing children to suffer and watch others suffer becomes child abuse when it is done for perverted reasons: such as children must suffer in order to alleviate adult's fears, adult's unwillingness to stand up for them, ....all the reasons you listed. Just thought it might be a good clarification?

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I read the first third or so but can't focus on it now and want to so i will

Read it later. Your writing is concise and accurate and more importantly brings out your points well. With which I agree, makes you wonder, when weren't these persecutorS never children themselves?

So I see you want an editor. Again, although I don't think you need one, if you wanted to run the program by me before you publicate I am willing to read and make a suggestion if there's a small correction of typo or other error it is easy to miss in these days of spellcheck...first they came for my grammar

I wouldn't want to make any significant change in your anti viruganda writing, I think if it makes you feel more confident I can have a go to proof read...

I just hope you don't end up getting someone giving you bad ideas, your writing stands on its own and I've not seen anything requiring correcting.

If its not a huge time commit I can give it a go if you wanted, since you keep asking...



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I also want to note, eventually, we will see the result of Red state kids going to school normally, no masks, and Blue state kids, being forced to mask for 2 years now.

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I just found this article, thank you for speaking up for the forcibly masked. The repercussions of forced masking will be seen for decades.

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The kids may have a better understanding of what is happening than adults, but then we get older and forget, because it is dangerous...

I know someone who got a shot when he was 17, he said it is to help others...he wanted to do his part

Haven't heArd from him for some time, of course I suspect the worst knowing he was jabbed

At the time I had only been able to say I myself wasn't going to be getting one

I'd say much more now but who listens?

My cat. Luckily I can talk to my cat

I grew up in ten sets of foster homes

Mom would call up and scream at me until I cried. Good times...

R I P ma

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