In 2020 there were no flu deaths in the US, all deaths were Covid - go figure!

The Center for Death and Corruption (CDC) should be shut down once and for all. Each state can do 100X better than a federal corrupted bureaucracy.

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This had been going on for more than a month. They're trying to hide the exploding cancer cases. I think that you can count on all databases being systematically corrupted. Maybe people have taken "snapshots" of the data or can do that.

The plan seems only to get away with the fraud for a limited time. What do they know that we do not?

Just saw a news article about the UN bringing in a system of world control in Sept 2024. So many things going on you can pick any catastrophe you like, if that doesn't answer all your questions, you can pick another catastrophe.

Too bad the UN seems uninterested in possibility of nuclear war soon in Ulraine. Don't know if that should reassure or worry us, their indifference and inaction

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You might want to check your article again something is wrong because isn’t showing on the substack app plus every time I try to open it the app crashes ??

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