Sorry, have to disagree.

1A protects corruption.

2A kills.

2A is militarization, not civilization.

Intruder may have a handgun. So you have to own an AR-15?

Intruder may bring AR-15. So you have to buy a grenade launcher?

Where does this arms race end? Arms protected by 2A include, nuclear, biological weapons? Open carry anthrax powder, ok?

Doctors kill with their vaccines. But on guns they are surprisingly on the right side. They seem to recognize carnage only when it is non-iatrogenic ...

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Nearly $2 Billion more for Ukraine.

While babies, seniors, and low income can't get food.

The United States Contributes $1.3 Billion to Support the Government of Ukraine | Press Release | U.S. Agency for International Development


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My Medicare/Tricare Life gets gutted every year, more under FJB than even obumber, and the premiums keep going up, service goes down, copays went up again. Husband spent 20 yrs in the USN for that lousy Tricare. Now our small 401 K's are under threat.

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