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Eugenics psychopaths are boastful of their genocidal crimes against humanity. Nuremberg justice must go forward.

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I read the Nature, C2C article and the Canadian Brigadier General C.J.J. Mialkowski’s report about the Ontario long term care homes killing of the elderly.

I look for more investigation on this in the U.S. I can't forget a video of sheriff's deputies descending upon a group home in CA to forcefully 'vaccinate" young people who had developmental delays. They got out of their cars, walked up and just grabbed the kids who were playing outside, wrestling them to the ground.

In my state of less than 2 million people, the sainted non-profit octopi's hospitals shut down for 3 1/2 months in early 2020, then another 2 months in late fall, for no reason. They knew that they would profit handsomely from the coming CARES Act and further Covid-19 excuse funding - they have each taken in $100+ million each year, not counting the $100,000 they can get for every covid case patient they can maim or kill with remdesivir and ventilators. Because of the first shutdown, my "elective" surgery was delayed leaving me with permanent nerve damage that affects my ability to walk and perform other activities of daily living. If that happened to me, I cannot imagine the damage and deaths to all the people needing surgeries and treatments. I really hate fauXi, Daszak, Baric, Shi et al and the cabal bent on destroying freedom and life.

All those FEMA camps they have prepared. They will do it. Blinken and AMLO talking about no borders from Mexico to Canada as a done deal.

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Could it be that the mental illness came before the mRNA injections? Many people did not think twice about rushing out and getting their dose of wonderful poisons from big pharma.

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