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Serious question: why would one assume that an accident resulting in a head injury is unrelated to recent vaccination? If the individual became dizzy -- a common and recognized vaccine side effect -- and either lost footing or consciousness, wouldn't the resulting head injury have been, in fact, caused by the vaccine?

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Not really a surprise. Most everything produced by the government that has any relation to the vaccines appears to be fraudulent.

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Do you happen to know the name of the software and/or software company the CDC uses to do its coding of Covid deaths?

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Follow the Science™.

 Covid-19 Hoax Cover-up: 300+ Medical Journals are being Deleted

With so many people dead and injured from the covid mandates and injections, medical journals that published BS science to support the genocidal agenda, are scrubbing the record to hide their guilt.



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Thank you for this excellent, exhaustive and well-articulated analysis!

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If that's intense safety monitoring and they've detected no concerning patterns, everyone needs to be fired and put some 5th graders in charge....it'll be much more accurately and responsibly handled.

If the codes are being properly assessed, then the amount of adverse events of "death" reported, should equal the number of adverse events of death coded on death certificates.

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Excellent article & detailed analysis. What I didn't see discussed are the following 5 core issues:

1) mRNA for COVID-19 as an EXPERIMENTAL, Emergency-Use-Authorization EUA only issue. US Federal law & most other international jurisdictions require during experiments that; the experimental 'vaccine' to be considered in post shot illness or death as the first suspect Cause-of-Death COD unless & until proven innocent in thorough testing & epidemiological analysis..

2) Statistical Correlation during an experiment is to be considered as a serious "Safety Signal" of potential harm, removing any experimental drug from EUA market & testing on the basis of PREVENTION.

3) All so-called Vaccines & drugs are required to list health safety Adverse-Events, Contra-Indications, hazards etc. As part of excluding Pharma companies from liability-claims, for what are considered by the industry as inevitable Vaccine injuries, Vaccine manufacturers & companies are required to list all known possible injurie. mRNA for COVID-19 has many 100s of adverse-events & deaths listed from the early experiments done, so it is disingenuous, unprofessional & a sign of incompetence for the CDC so-called 'experts' to deny & obfuscate 'vaccine' COD.

4) Given the body's inter-related functioning organs, tissue, cells & genes, most deaths can be considered to have composite symptoms & multiple causes, from which damage will appear in multiple parts of the body. This is why expert pathologists performing autopsies post death charge in the realm of 5000$ per autopsy. Once again, the companies producing all Experimental drugs & vaccines, must be required to perform autopsies when vaccine administration precedes death.

5) As part of an Experimental EUA, epidemiological bio-statistical individual record keeping must be thoroughly kept for every individual receiving the inoculation & whole communities as cohorts. Records must be thorough over hours, days, weeks, months, years, decades & even with accommodation in budgets for record keeping over generations & multiple generations. Again detailed record keeping is part of existing US Federal Law.


Alex Haley's story of "ROOTS" about his family's name recall of ancestor Kunta Kinte, violently absconded by roving slavers & being shipped over the sea as a slave from West Africa. In Kunta's community, region, nation were Griots who kept records of every person's name & significant life-events as well as community & natural events. This part of Africa had been under colonial attack for many 1000s of years & hence had lost its Hieroglyphic pictorial graphic character symbol style records previously through their destruction by oligarch directed colonial invaders. When Haley researches & returns, he finds his people still with the name of Kunta-Kinte & the events of his illegal enslavement as well as oral, song, dance & other mnemonic devices going back 1000s of years. We can accurately state that all humanity's worldwide 'indigenous' (L. 'self-generating') ancestors had sophisticated & resilient epidemiological cultural systems of record keeping far more advanced & accurate than today's oligarch Pharma-captured so-called "medicine" affords, in its fractured institutional amnesia.

Since the early oligarch directed reconnaissance, military incursions, mass-invasion, colonial settling & empire genocide, we settlers have been commanded down a long & slippery slope of hellish action. Settlers & Slaves came as economic, ecological REFUGEES from 'exogenous' (Latin 'other-generated') oligarch war, destruction & mismanagement in Europe & worldwide, only to collude in imposing the same brutal dysfunction which our ancestors all suffered, upon the innocent 1st Nations here. The collective memory of all humanity's worldwide indigenous ancestors is rooted in the Culture of 'fractal' ('fraction, multiplier, building-block, where-the-part-contains-the-whole') individual, family, extended-family & ~100 (50-150) person Multihome-Dwelling-Complex (eg. Longhouse-apartment, Pueblo-townhouse & Kanata-village). Today 70% of people live in Multihomes within an average 32 dwelling-units = ~100 people, but we have forgotten the collaborative Circular-Economy Cultural practices, which enables local people to thrive with their collective memory & intelligence. Given the broken nature of our colonial medical & other systems, isn't it high time, we reorganize our capacity for collective 'ECONOMY' (Greek 'oikos' = 'home' + 'namein' = 'care-&-nurture') & MEMORY? Like the human & all animal bodies, we will do well to cultivate our societies in the Autonomous image where all parts of the whole are diversely unique yet united. https://sites.google.com/site/indigenecommunity/d-participatory-structure/3-economic-memory

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A lot to unpack here, but lying liars lie.

Or, as Kirk and Harry Mudd put it:


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Semantics Lisa! You're playing the old shell trick but it doesn't work!

Now that most of our Conspiracy Theories have proven accurate, many Muppets have come to realise the Scamdemic was a test to establish just how gullible the public could really be.

I seem to have missed the continuous insistence to Social Distance, Mask up (after the initial scare was revealed to be coercive), as well as accepting POISONOUS depopulating injections - they laughingly call 'Vaccines'. I'm 78, in generally good health, not had COVID or Flu it is frequently disguised as Covid, healthy diet & lifestyle and plenty of exercise with natural Vit D (Sunshine) are my choices to avoid man-modified viruses and DEADLY injections they call Vaccines.

The 'truth' about NIH, CDC & FDA LIES & COERCION and denial of Vax causing DEATH has been rumbled and, now it's out there, we will prevail!

Digital Currency equates to Control and eventual SLAVERY by denial of FREE opinions - NEVER!

We must let 'them' know that WE WILL NEVER FORGET we rumbled their sinister planned Covid Scamdemic saga and the multiple deaths caused by 'their' evil depopulating injections, ludicrously called 'vaccine'!

There are now Too many of us educated 'Conspiracy Theorists' for them to con and coerce next time!

Make 'LIABILITY' apply to ALL MEDICINES and Big Pharma will go bust - Covid will disappear and we will return to our previous Free Society!

Mick from Hooe (Unjabbed and ready for Round Two!)

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That's a really thorough way of saying "BS".

But hey, at least the CDC shot for the appearance of logical reasoning. That is a lot more than I expected.

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This article speaks of the CDC once being “vaunted” and “mighty.” But was there ever a time when the CDC had a well-deserved good reputation, or were they always poison-pushing liars? Recall that their first project was to spray the living spaces of the South with DDT.


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What would be even more interesting is knowing and tracking the batch numbers of the vaccines involved in each case. I say this because: Schmeling et al. reported that the safety of vaccines may be batch-dependent, this means that depending on the batch given, there will be more or less adverse events.


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There is NO way that the CDC or FDA can ever tell the truth. The entire drug industry is a fraud.

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