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I agree. Brilliantly laid out and I’m amazed at your ability to cover so much ground in a fairly concise manner. It’s on my list to send everywhere! Thank you.

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Powerful stuff.

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Very well stated but there are two missing critical points. These mRNA gene therapy injections ARE NOT VACCINES no matter how they keep changing the wording. They sohould have never been referred to as such. Exactly what they are and what they do is still a great unknown.

And you need to point out that the trials were a total farce, abandoned far too soon as the control groups were abolished. There was extreme risk in marketing and pushing experimental poisons upon the world's population that were essentially devoid of any serious trials among humans. Subjects did indeed die during that very short incomplete trial periods.

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I don't disagree :)

Nonetheless, I try to use language that can appeal to people who are 'on the fence', and are inherently willing to reconsider, but need to be provided with a 'soft landing' emotionally, in other words they need material dressed up in the vernacular and conceptual framework of the establishment.

I figure that for those of us who are clued in to the truth of the matter, we understand that the novel genetic therapy biological products do not fit the technical or conventional definitions of 'vaccine' as has been defined & understood prior to 2020, so there isn't going to be anything 'lost in translation' so to speak.

Additionally, I think that it is good practice - for myself included - to be able to present a 'moderated' version of the truth despite the overwhelming frustration and exasperation of having to do so, as it is both tactically prudent and emotionally healthy to be able to disassociate powerful negative emotions from the intellectual arguments on such fraught matters.

Regarding the second point, I intend to update this article to add a few more reasons following the presentation I gave to HCM, a few of which I added in at the bottom of the post with the slides I used https://ashmedai.substack.com/p/slides-from-a-presentation-i-gave

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More amazing than ever and still true 5 months later. You have supported my decision to remain a forever anti-vaxxer and to never trust the medical mafia. I am treating my heart problems myself with herbs and other things. No big pharma drugs for me.

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Thank you for this. Im an MD, (ophthalmologist in private practice) and Ive never been a member of the AMA. I've been appalled at what i've witnessed. I was kicked off the staff of a hospital for not getting the covid jab . Im naturally recovered.

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My wife is an MD who works with immuno-compromised patients. In April or May 2020, she sat in on and I listened to a discussion of how HCQ and Azithromycin and Zinc worked to treat Covid.

#7 in your great list is number one in my book.

In Q1 2020. While the "medical / public health community" was telling us a vaccine was 18 months to 2 years away, why were potential treatments dismissed for lack of controlled studies demonstrating to the NIH/CDC/FDA gods that they work? But locking down the country, contrary to all experience with no supporting studies was necessary was essential to our safety.

I don't think the Pols who imposed the mask mandates and failed to abide by them are hypocrites. While I find them despicable people, I don't think they would put their family and friends at risk. They knew there was no risk to defying their orders. I think of them as powermongers and the un-masked and unvaccinated are the Untermenschen.

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Great treatise! Will send this out to many who need their eyes opened.

Since this was written February 3, perhaps you should update the statement “We stil don’t have ‘the raw data from any of the vaccine trials’” since it appears that that the data is being slow-walked out to the public, albeit heavily redacted.

Maybe you could write a Part 2 sequel delving more into regulatory (and other forms of) capture.

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I am a medically retired Marine, retired in 97 with "multiple sclerosis" from the "classified experimental anthrax vaccine" we got going to the Gulf in 89. I've had fifteen years of "interferons", three different, five plus years each, and 157 monthly infusions of Tysabri, monoclonal antibodies, and walked out of treatment because my neurologist was lying about the treatment, stating it wasn't gene therapy, about the jab, saying it wasn't gene editing technology, and wouldn't interfere with my treatment, despite the warning from "BioGen", maker, stating no other medical intervention during said treatment.

I've been off it since June, last year, off my numerous prescriptions, and found most of my symptoms are from the drugs, and the treatment, almost nine months out, I've restored my blood pressure, gained almost twenty pounds, having lost almost forty, and doubled my blood pressure from the infusion, and it's been the antidepressants, prescribed "off label" for "neuropathic pain" I never complained of, which are the primary cause of my issues.

I've never known what was given to me, initially, hidden, classified, but now have to seriously consider it was an "mRNA shot", given the parallel conditions I've lived with, thirty plus years, and the last two years of "evidence".

I never asked for any drugs, was recommended the interferons, and infusions, and it appears primarily to transfer hundreds of thousands of dollars to big Pharma, and nothing more. I would rather treat the disease, than do what thirty years has done.

John McClain, GySgt, USMC, ret. Vanceboro, NC

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Pharma is the real perpetrator of all these harms. The medical community has been captured by pharma. Pharma has also captured research and the regulatory agencies (FDA, CDC, NIH). And social media. And legacy media. And hospitals. And the professional licensing boards. Your own points support this. The FDA limited HCQ to hospital use _before_ any studies had come out on HCQ based on _zero_ evidence for denying outpatient treatment, effectively preventing outpatient use for most doctors. And the EUA for HCQ was removed on the basis of the fraudulent, now-retracted Lancet article and the FDA did not revisit the EUA after the retraction. Someone in pharma likely got the fraudulent article published so that the FDA could retract their EUA.

Aim your arrows at the right target.

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Yup, that's what Dr. Kory says :))

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Absolutely brilliant article. Am posting and sharing widely.

Couple quick edits for you here (under your #5): Expert opinion is considered the lowest form of “evidence”, because when it comes to predictions, experts are almost always wrong. Were scientist’s inability to conceive ...

The comma goes inside the quotation marks after "evidence" and "scientist's" should probably be scientists'...no? (Sorry I'm a writer and can't help spotting typos!)

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Thanks, I really do wish that I had an editor ;)

Article is updated to incorporate your suggestions :)

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Great summation of everything relevant to our dealing with the pandemic.

There are many other therapies involving vitamins and natural supplements. Many are anti-viral, some have an effect on the blood and mucus, such as the digestive enzymes serrapeptase and nattokinase

A good site for info. on some of this is www.orthomolecular.org At the start of the pandemic they documented that intravenous high-dose Vitamin C was very effective at lessening symptoms and time spent in hospital - ironically this treatment was done in China.

Many of these things help to prevent severe disease as does following aspects of a healthy lifestyle. If more people were healthy in the first place, there would be less severity with this sort of virus. BTW, Vitamin D3 should be taken with K2 and magnesium for full effect.

Doctors usually have little or no knowledge of nutritional science and how it can be effectively used to deal with many ailments. I was diagnosed with a rare form of rheumatism and, when I asked the doctor if I could eat what I liked, he said yes. It soon became evident to me that nothing was further from the truth and I managed to prevent the symptoms by removing a few foods from my diet. I also stopped the medication I was put on as the foods that upset my system overrode it!

Vitamin C is essential in high doses when the body has an infection - it is generic, safe and cheap. Maybe that last word is the key - there is not much money to made from it.

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If the majority of the medical profession, immunologists, virologists, epidemiologists and public health officials who strongly support vaccines in general were doing their job, they would take a very strong interest in multiple research articles which show that the impact of influenza vaccines on hospitalisation and death is too small to measure:



However, they ignore it.

If they were doing their job - finding the safest, most effective ways of improving health, which ideally are inexpensive and do not require medical involvement - then they would take a much greater intrest in vitamin D and how much the immnue system depends on it:


However, they don't. The vitamin D research literature could be a lot better in terms of explaining 25-hydroxyvitamin D based autocrine = intracrine and paracrine signaling, and how most immune cells rely on this in order to respond to their changing circumstances. However, even without an understanding of the mechanisms, the relationship between low 25-hydroxyvitamin D (produced in the liver from vitamin D cholecalciferol) and bad outcomes in sepsis, influenza, COVID-19, Kawasaki disease, MIS-C etc. is well established. If doctors etc. took a proper interest in this, they would all know about it and they would tell the public.

Instead, they are much more interested in treatments which are complex, expensive, profitable, less safe and less effective. There are numerous reasons for all this - but the groupthink of being resistant to information unless it comes from very particular sources and accords with conventional thinking - is a big part of it.

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There are systemic problems with the structure of the medical profession that disincentivizes creative and critical thinking but incentivize compliance with the medical institutions and research that aligns with their agendas. It's a big problem.

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People are herd-followers, with rare exceptions. Doctors are people. Doctors are herd-followers. Shock!

I got started on my vitamin D research because of your work. Thanks so much!

I know a doc who gave a bottle of Fortaro to each of two well-known doctors favoring early treatment.

I started supplementing with 2k units of D3 in summer 2020 and also got some sun. Covid hit my family in the fall of 2020 and I had an occasional cough and some anosmia. We all treated with zinc, 2,000 units D3, 1,000 units vitamin C, and elderberry concentrate and symptoms resolved within 24 hours. Supplementing with D3 for several months likely helped keep symptoms to a minimum and the EC/zinc likely reduced the viral load.

I now take 20 mcg Fortaro daily and 200 mcg vitamin K2 for the vascular benefits.

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"I've always relied on the kindness of strangers," thought EVERYONE who took this vaccine.

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Fantastic article and summary and exactly what me and my wife are now thinking about that profession and our friends within it, who behaved and behave exactly as such.

May I add the biggie with regard to political corruption, the NEJM's endorsement of Biden over Trump, which all of my doctor friends also raved about and shared widely.

Also, the refusal to issue first mask exemption certificates and then gene therapy exemptions must go down as a huge breach of medical ethics and of their oaths, as does the prosecution by medical boards and prosecutors of those proper doctors who did issue them in defiance of the 'authorities'.

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#18 many doctors are very dumb and overestimate their own abilities.

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I mentioned this in the intro :)

"Regrettably, experts seldom recognize the limits of their expertise, and vis-à-vis covid seem unaware that any exist altogether."

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They are not dumb, they are mostly quite good within their area of speciality.

Sadly, they all suffer from a God complex within it and hence massive overconfidence outside of it. To disastrous effects.

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Brilliant summary - perhaps an early sign of the idiocy to come was various officials giving press conferences warning people not to touch their faces. All of which likely failed to inspire much in the way of confidence due to many if not all of them during the proceedings, actually engaging in that forbidden act.

I have to admit to being caught up in all of this this resulting in an extremely complicated & often in the event incompetent plan to avoid being stricken down with covid when visiting the local shop - looking back it was all very Homer Simpson of me.

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Thanks :)

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